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Water Gardening Consultation

Natural Elements DOES NOT build water gardens for its clients, but we can be of assistance to you in the theme and overall design of your water garden, assist you in overseeing the actual construction and completion of the water garden, and help with the final placement of plantings and garden accessories in and around the water garden. Most tasks range from $30 to $50 per hour. Contact us to discuss costs on your project.

What can Natural Elements do for you as consultants?

Group Presentations

Natural Elements can speak on almost any subject related to gardening, but water gardening is our specialty.

Each presentation is approximately one (1) hour in length, with questions & answers.

Cost is $40 per presentation using your equipment; $50 per presentation using our equipment.

Schedule presentations at least 2-3 weeks in advance. Less than 2 weeks notice - $60 per presentation.

Natural Elements can speak to any size group, but the most efficient size we've found is 50 people or less.

Natural Elements provides handouts and take-home materials at no cost to the organization.

Our prepared presentations currently include these multimedia programs:

Educational Materials

Natural Elements has educational materials available for purchase. All brochures are tri-fold, printed both sides.

These materials were developed through a coordinated effort by Natural Elements and members of the Colorado Water Garden Society. HALF of all funds from purchases return to CWGS as a donation.

(A) Pond Design, Construction, Maintenance (B) Water Garden Plants
Pond Design Water Plants - General
Caring for a Pond Aquatic Plant Propagation
Solving Common Pond Problems Hardy Waterlilies
Container Water Gardens Tropical Waterlilies
Drought and Ponds Colorado Hardy Plants
Green Water Growing Lotus
Pesticides & Ponds Chart Marginal Plants
  Oxygenating Plants
Water Gardening Critters Carnivorous Plants
Pond Scavengers Colorado Water Gardening History


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